How Expensive is an Audi B8 S4 3.0T 115K Mile Service?

Why is servicing important?

Regular servicing of a vehicle is crucial for maintaining performance, reliability, and safety. While it doesn’t guarantee that the vehicle will never break down, it significantly improves the odds. Everything ages, and servicing serves as a preventative step to mitigate the impact of aging. Old fluids such as oil and coolant accelerate the aging process drastically, and these are some of the easiest components to change.

We spend so much on improving the performance of a car and I want that performance to be available every time I drive it!

Everything that was done in the Audi B8 S4 Service

Direct from the local Audi dealer, the 115K service includes: engine oil & filter, transmission oil & filter, spark plugs, engine air filter and cabin air filter. The transmission pan needs to come off to replace the transmission filter, so gasket, drain/fill plugs and pan bolts are also required.

Parts (for 2010 B8 S4 – always check with your dealer for VIN specific part numbers):

  • DSG Fluid (6-7): LM20044
  • Pan bolts (15): N91096801
  • Trans filter O-Ring (1): WHT003379
  • Drain plug washer(1): N0138275
  • Drain plug(1): WHT005282
  • Trans filter(1): 0B5325429E
  • Oil pan gasket(1) 0B5321371F
  • Spark plugs(6): 101905631G
  • Cabin Air Filter(1): 8K0819439B
  • Air Filter(1): 8K0133843

DIY vs Dealer 

It is my personal preference to do all of the maintenance on my vehicles myself. It is not to say that the dealer does a bad job; I have just had a few issues in the past, and at least this way, I only have myself to blame and know exactly what was done. Unfortunately, some dealers pay their service technicians based on book rates. If a job has a book rate of 3 hours, the technician will be paid for 3 hours of work, even if it only takes them an hour. This rewards speed, which doesn’t always lead to quality.

How much does it cost?

I called Audi and they quoted me $2,000 to perform the 115,000 mile service.

In total, all of the parts (full details in the video) came to a whopping $417.29! That means I saved over $1,500 by doing this work myself. This of course doesn’t take into account any labor but the job inly takes a couple of hours.

Check out the video for all the details on the Audi B8 S4 115K Service including DSG. 

Video: 115K Service on my Audi S4 including DSG

Video thumbnail showing savings of $1,500
DIY for the win

Audi B8 S4 3.0T TFSI Fuel Injector Service 

Clean or replace: is the choice clear?

For years, I have been sending injectors out to be cleaned and tested. Why? Injectors are expensive, and in my humble experience, I haven’t encountered many failures. They are a simple but nifty part whose sole job is to squirt fuel into the combustion chamber. Now, it likely is just the injectors I have used (I know BMW injectors can be a little prone to failure), but in this video, I apply what I have always done… well, almost!”

Cheap fuel injector cleaners on Amazon: Are they worth it? Maybe.

I know, I know, that sounds like a cop-out. The ones I purchased and tested worked fine for 12V, but check out the video to see how they fared with 70V, 70PSI Audi injectors. Now, I did get some results, but they were not what I expected. You’ll have to watch the video to find out if I kept the machine, but it’s best to decide for yourself how useful it is. Oh, and stick around, because in the future, I have an idea on how to drastically change things!”

Resealing Audi B8 S4 V6 3.0T TFSI Injectors

It requires a special tool (details in the video), but I do show you every aspect of how to replace the combustion seal, fuel rail seals, and retaining rings on these injectors. It’s a little time-consuming but well worth doing. Oh, and remember, the combustion seal must be installed dry and free from grease!

Check out the video for all the details on the Audi B8 S4 fuel injectors. 

Video: My Audi S4 B8 Injectors were worse than I thought. Reuse them or buy new? What would you do?      

Thumbnail from the video showing key moments and with a title of How was it running?
You won’t want to miss this!

Should You Buy a Salvage Audi B8 S4? 

I Bought Two Audi B8 S4s Without Seeing them First to Take Racing

OK, I must have a problem and I cannot stop myself! I can’t remember exactly how, but earlier this year, I stumbled across the B8/B8.5 3.0T Supercharged Audi S4 platform and concocted a crazy plan to purchase a couple of them to race. You might have seen my other post on the subject. Well, after finally resolving all the issues with liens and titles, here they are!

Audi B8 S4 Common Questions Answered

This series of videos intends to answer many of the common questions I saw when researching the platform. This includes:

  • Should I buy a car without a sports differential?
  • B8 or B8.5 Audi S4?
  • Are they good track cars?
  • What can I do to improve braking on track?
  • What are the best performance tires to use on the Audi B8 S4?
  • Should I worry about purchasing an Audi S4 with over 100K miles?
  • What are the common maintenance items that need to be done on the B8 Audi S4?
  • How do I carbon clean the intakes on the B8 Audi S4?
  • How to hunt down a parasitic battery drain on an Audi S4?
  • Should I modify my supercharged Audi S4?
  • What is the best suspension setup for the Audi S4?
  • …. and many more

Should You Buy an B8 Audi S4?

I did not delve into this in the video, but so far, I am impressed. The platform is very capable and comfortable. In the past, I have driven a variety of cars, from the Mazda Miata to a Ferrari 458 Speciale. Now, while the S4 cannot compare to something like the 458, it has certainly piqued my interest and rightly so.

In doing my research, I could not find any other platform with as much opportunity for tuning from such a robust starting point. The video touches on the briefly, but from what I have discovered, these engines are quite robust!

How Does the B8 S4 Compare to the RS5?

My 2013 Audi RS5 still has under 30K miles on the clock, but it is stock and a high revving V8. It is unfair for me to compare the experience there to the 2015 B8.5 S4 shown in the video. Why? Because the S4 had been heavily modified and was previously totaled. My initial experience driving the car ~600 miles from Milwaukee to Kansas City wasn’t the best, largely due to the terrible exhaust the previous owner had installed (never, ever, ever put a straight-through exhaust on this car!). 

However, the car is growing on me.  As I start to set things straight, I find myself connecting with it more and more. To be continued!

One fascinating thing to note, though, is that while they likely have different software tunes, the transmissions and differentials appear to be the same and share many identical parts. Good old Audi.

Video: I Purchased Two Audi S4s Sight Unseen to take Racing!

Picture of the rear of a B8 Audi S4 indicating to the viewer not to modify the exhaust like this.