How Expensive is an Audi B8 S4 3.0T 115K Mile Service?

Why is servicing important?

Regular servicing of a vehicle is crucial for maintaining performance, reliability, and safety. While it doesn’t guarantee that the vehicle will never break down, it significantly improves the odds. Everything ages, and servicing serves as a preventative step to mitigate the impact of aging. Old fluids such as oil and coolant accelerate the aging process drastically, and these are some of the easiest components to change.

We spend so much on improving the performance of a car and I want that performance to be available every time I drive it!

Everything that was done in the Audi B8 S4 Service

Direct from the local Audi dealer, the 115K service includes: engine oil & filter, transmission oil & filter, spark plugs, engine air filter and cabin air filter. The transmission pan needs to come off to replace the transmission filter, so gasket, drain/fill plugs and pan bolts are also required.

Parts (for 2010 B8 S4 – always check with your dealer for VIN specific part numbers):

  • DSG Fluid (6-7): LM20044
  • Pan bolts (15): N91096801
  • Trans filter O-Ring (1): WHT003379
  • Drain plug washer(1): N0138275
  • Drain plug(1): WHT005282
  • Trans filter(1): 0B5325429E
  • Oil pan gasket(1) 0B5321371F
  • Spark plugs(6): 101905631G
  • Cabin Air Filter(1): 8K0819439B
  • Air Filter(1): 8K0133843

DIY vs Dealer 

It is my personal preference to do all of the maintenance on my vehicles myself. It is not to say that the dealer does a bad job; I have just had a few issues in the past, and at least this way, I only have myself to blame and know exactly what was done. Unfortunately, some dealers pay their service technicians based on book rates. If a job has a book rate of 3 hours, the technician will be paid for 3 hours of work, even if it only takes them an hour. This rewards speed, which doesn’t always lead to quality.

How much does it cost?

I called Audi and they quoted me $2,000 to perform the 115,000 mile service.

In total, all of the parts (full details in the video) came to a whopping $417.29! That means I saved over $1,500 by doing this work myself. This of course doesn’t take into account any labor but the job inly takes a couple of hours.

Check out the video for all the details on the Audi B8 S4 115K Service including DSG. 

Video: 115K Service on my Audi S4 including DSG

Video thumbnail showing savings of $1,500
DIY for the win

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