E60 Differential Oil Change is Easy!

Based on the color of the oil and the content of the Blackstone report, this change was way past due. The differential had no leaks, and thankfully, wasn’t making any noise. This is one thing that you need to check when buying an M5, as a replacement can be costly. 

The only thing you have to be careful about is using the right torque for the plugs. There are two different types: one with a washer and one with an o-ring. It’s only a 5NM difference, so it’s not the end of the world. 

The oil change kit came from FCP Euro, and interestingly, it had a Mercedes sticker on the bottle. I guess if it’s good stuff, it’s good stuff 🙂

Don’t delay, change the oil on your BMW E60 M5 V10 Differential today!

FCP kit link. Part number from FCP is: 33117525064KT6 – Contains 3x500ml bottles of 75W140 Castrol Syntax LSD Oil and two differential plugs (OEM part number 33117525064). OEM differential oil is 3-4x the price. The OEM part number for the oil if you’re interested is 83222282583.

You will need a 14mm hex socket and a torque wrench capable of 65NM. Gearwrench have a socket that is widely available and has the part number 80662. Amazon of course has a bunch available that are cheaper. There are some lower profile ones which might work better with the exhaust. 

Video link 

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